Konstantin Nosov
Lawyer, tax consultant
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Experience: 15 years
Rating: 9/10

Specialization: tax planning and optimization, tax audits (preparation, support, appeal of results), tax conflicts, protection during inspections of state control bodies in the field of economic activity.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian.
My name is Konstantin Nosov. I am a lawyer, a tax consultant.

The tax dispute can not be solved by a specialist inexperienced in the subtleties of tax law and far from law enforcement practice. The myth of the impossibility of winning fiscal in court, created by the fact that many trust the protection of their interests lawyers with insufficient level of professionalism and experience in the field of tax conflicts. Unfortunately, in the market of legal services, there are cases when, when resolving the problems of the Client lawyers are taken solely for the purpose of obtaining a fee. Such "specialists" are indifferent - they will solve the problem of the client or not - the main thing is to get money.

I do not impose the provision of services to clients if I see that fiscal claims are legal. However, even in the most difficult situation, my experience and knowledge help to find the optimal solution for the Client. I have been practicing in the tax field since 2002, I have 7 years of experience in tax service divisions. Last 8 years I protect the interests of taxpayers.

Best regards,
Konstantin Nosov,

    optimization of taxation of operating business processes and development of business models with minimal tax burden;
    protection at tax audits;
    preparation for inspection (legal audit of key counterparties, contracts, initial documentation, work with personnel);
    administrative and judicial appeal of the results of the inspection;
    recommendations on the practical application of tax legislation;
    consultations with unsettled legislation or controversial issues of taxation;
    protection at inspections of state control bodies in the field of economic activity.
    2016 - till now
    Bar Association "Soratnik"
    law firm Felix Law Firm
    worked in the legal departments of the tax authorities of the Kharkiv region (district and regional apparatus)
    Communities, achievements, publications
    He is the author of several articles, commentaries for professional media (co-author of the commentary on the business publication "Tax Code: Comments and Explanations" (Bonnier Business Press Ukraine 2011), author of articles in the magazines "Taxes and Accounting", "Lawyer and Law" "Legal newspaper"). Broadcast speaker LAWYERS LIVE Tax inspections: how to avoid them legally.

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