Darwin Lawyer is a way to put all things in order in legal issues and free up time for the thing that matters most. This is what we work for.
About Darwin Lawyer
Can you imagine a perfect lawyer and service? It's difficult, isn't it? There are always some
flaws. We tried to eliminate them and created Darwin Lawyer.
Borys Baturynets
"Darwin Lawyer opens new opportunities for lawyers in the modern world. With its help, they manage their income, a balance between work and personal life, and professional growth. The lawyer solves interesting legal problems and has access to a community of like-minded people. We are engaged in marketing and sales; we provide IT tools and training."
Darwin Lawyer is a creative approach to solving legal problems
Legal issues require attention, time, and competence. This is a routine that hinders business growth, attracting investment, and scaling.
We realized that we could optimize the routine through the power of creativity. Creativity allows us to see a wider picture, thereby reducing the risks of our clients. Therefore, we really love challenging and seemingly unsolvable tasks. Such projects become a challenge for us and help both us and our clients grow constantly.

Darwin Lawyer is for solving high complexity problems
It is natural for us to work with risks and be aware of them. Therefore, the trust of our clients is the main condition for an effective partnership. The clients entrust us with high complexity tasks since responsibility is not just a word for us but a habitual working state.

This process of working with a lawyer becomes comfortable, fast, and adding value to the business. The result is a service with a high legal expertise and a quick solution to the problems. This is the way we work.

We establish business processes, set common quality standards, and provide guarantees. This helps eliminate the chaos in legal processes and prevent legal errors that can have a very high cost.

Whom we can't cooperate with
We will not be able to work with people who do not trust us, act contrary to the agreements,
prefer following typical patterns in their work, do not know how to invest in long-term projects,
but they demand the result here and now.

We find competent executors to solve your legal issues
Set a task

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