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Borys Baturynets
"We destroy stereotypes about jurisprudence. Darwin Lawyer offers a way to set all legal matters in order and free up time for what matters most. This is what we work for."
In 2016, after eight years of Baturynets and Partners' work, I faced a dilemma: whether to continue working under the old rules or change them and change ourselves. The customers demanded the service: an established communication, a human language of communication, the involvement, and real desire to solve the problem. Nothing revolutionary, but this is what they needed.

Inviting experienced professionals to join the staff would have meant increasing the cost of services. We had neither time nor resources to train young and promising law school graduates. We needed a change of format, its full reboot. We decided to hack our business and create an innovative company.
As a result, in August 2017, Darwin Lawyer came into being as an online platform for remote lawyers with different experience and specialization. Their main task is to help businesses solve legal issues in a format convenient for the owners. Darwin Lawyer partners are not freelancers, who work without guarantees and visible results. They are like legal troubleshooters, ready to help business owners and free up their time for doing business. Darwin Lawyer is a company with detailed rules of operation and guarantees for all parties.

To launch the platform, I had to assemble a new team of a programmer, a business analyst, a marketer, and a community manager.

Thanks to the remote format, convenient for everyone, we attract top professionals who are ready to work at acceptable rates.
A high level of service of Darwin Lawyer is not an abstract concept. Each task has quality criteria and deadlines. Thus we can guarantee a verified legal solution from an experienced professional.

The entire process of communication between the customer and the lawyer takes place in a single system. The customer can monitor the progress of the tasks and contact the lawyer at any time. The documentation does not get lost, and we-haven't-talked-about-that-type situations do not emerge.

We continue developing Darwin Lawyer, the next-generation customer-care service that will satisfy the customers with the speed and predictability of the result and will provide the lawyers with new opportunities for professional growth and help them maintain a balance between their work and their personal life.
Our team
Boris Baturinets
Founder & CEO
Alexandr Strelnikov
Marketing Manager
Olga Tsymbalyuk
Community Manager
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