Darwin Lawyer is an opportunity platform for a lawyer.

To join us, you have to go through a selection procedure.
Selection steps
Register at the website, tell us about yourself and your experience. The more detailed
is the information, the faster is the response
to the application.
We interview you and check the information provided including education,
recommendations, etc.
Perform a test task, according to the results of
which we assign you a rating. The more orders and positive feedback you have,
the higher is the rating.
The Benefits of Working for Darwin Lawyer
Flexible working hours
You decide for yourself whether to take an order or not, and you can always
plan your workload. With Darwin Lawyer, observing the balance of work and
personal life is simple. There are no bosses, of course.
Income planning
Your income depends on you:
we do not limit the number of orders.
Keep quality high, take more orders
and earn.
Payment guarantee
You are guaranteed a payment even if
the client doesn`t accept the services.
We pay once or twice a month to the
account of a private entrepreneur or a
limited liability company.
We handle controversial issues
with the client and find a compromise solution. We help estimate the value of the task, and, if necessary, find additional resources to solve it.
Stability of orders
It's the clients who come to you.
You don't have to waste your time
on searching for them. That's what
we are here for.
Diverse tasks
Working in one place results in a burnout
sooner or later. Darwin Lawyer is a way to
keep yourself in a professional shape by
performing interesting tasks.
Professional community
Darwin Lawyer partners are not competitors, but members of the community. Its goal is to develop not only the platform but the lawyers as well. Share
experiences, attend events and develop professionally together.
We teach you the subtleties of the
platform work format. We teach you how to use the service and its tools. More experienced lawyers provide less experienced ones with counsel and advice on working issues.
Minimum Requirements
Higher legal education
Working experience no less than five years
Private entrepreneurship, a limited liability company or an attorney's status
Willingness to perform a test task
How do I join the Darwin Lawyer team?
Register as a lawyer at our website, get interviewed, and take a test. It's free.
Register as a lawyer at our website, get interviewed, and take a test. It's free.
The rating is developed on the basis of internal and external assessments.

We assign the internal one, proceeding from your qualifications, experience, and results of the
test task. Our in-house quality department issues an assessment after each completed task set
by the client. If you work with other lawyers, they can evaluate your work as well.

An external rating is an assessment made by the client after each successful assignment.
How do you select a lawyer for the client?
The clients tell their priorities for the candidature, and Darwin Lawyer finds the appropriate
specialists. If the client did not choose a particular lawyer, the task would be offered to all
lawyers. You decide for yourself whether you take it or not.
Can I promote my company through Darwin Lawyer?
Yes, you can. You can do it on your own or on behalf of your company. To do that, you have to
meet our requirements and be registered with Darwin Lawyer.
Can I work with you if I have less than five years of experience?
Yes, you can, if you prove to be the best during the interview.
What if a client unreasonably refused to pay for the services?
We guarantee the payment of compensation for an unreasonable refusal of the client.
How will I get paid?
You've got to be a private entrepreneur, have a limited liability company, or be an attorney. You
can have your payment transferred to your bank card or account. We usually pay once or twice
a month.
Can I communicate with other members of the community?
Of course you can. You can communicate with other participants in a closed group. Involve
them in your projects or form cooperation teams.
Free up time for the thing that matters most
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