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What issues do Darwin Lawyer partners address?
We select lawyers with differing career patterns and experience: some experts would easily draw up the right contract; others would defend you in court or follow the major transaction's documents.
Why are you better than a full-time lawyer or freelancer?
We save you the time for recruiting and qualifying. You are protected from the situation when a full-time lawyer leaves and takes all the company's developments and accumulated experience with them.
How do you guarantee the quality?
All lawyers are employed under the service level agreement (SLA), where the quality
parameters of the service are set out. If the result does not satisfy you, we will give your money back or execute the task at our own expense.
How do I pay for the lawyer's work?
You can make a non-cash payment to our account or pay with a bank card over the Internet.
Can I get accounting documents?
You get all accounting documents with a digital signature and an invoice. If you need
documents in paper form, please let us know in advance.
Where do you keep my files?
We keep all the files on the cloud services' servers of Western Europe, as well as Amazon and Google. They can only be accessed by the executing lawyer and you.
How do I control the tasks?
You can monitor all developments on your personal account. It provides you with the
opportunities to set a task, close it and communicate with the executor.
Do I have to make an advance payment?
You pay fifty percent of the service cost agreed upon. The remaining amount is paid only if the completed task corresponds to the SLA.
How much do your services cost?
We have two types of cost—a fixed and an hourly one. You can also buy a subscription. The cost of the services depends on the skills of the lawyer, the complexity of the task, timing, etc.
How long does it take to find a lawyer?
If there is no free lawyer available, we are looking for one. The search can last from several hours to several days. On rare occasions, it can take up to two weeks. The approximate waiting time is disclosed in advance.
How do I join the Darwin Lawyer team?
Register as a lawyer at our website, get interviewed( is required to verify your information and organizational issues), and take a test. It's free.
Do lawyers have a rating? How is it developed?
The rating is developed on the basis of internal and external assessments.

We assign the internal one, proceeding from your qualifications, experience, and results of the test task. Our in-house quality department issues an assessment after each completed task set by the client. If you work with other lawyers, they can evaluate your work as well.

An external rating is an assessment made by the client after each successful assignment.
How do you select a lawyer for the client?
The clients tell their priorities for the candidature, and Darwin Lawyer finds the appropriate
specialists. If the client did not choose a particular lawyer, the task would be offered to all
lawyers. You decide for yourself whether you take it or not.
Can I promote my company through Darwin Lawyer?
Yes, you can. You can do it on your own or on behalf of your company. To do that, you have to meet our requirements and be registered with Darwin Lawyer.
Can I work with you if I have less than five years of experience?
Yes, you can, if you prove to be the best during the interview.
What if a client unreasonably refused to pay for the services?
We guarantee the payment of compensation for an unreasonable refusal of the client.
How will I get paid?
You've got to be a private entrepreneur, have a limited liability company, or be an attorney. You can have your payment transferred to your bank card or account. We usually pay once or twice a month.
Can I communicate with other members of the community?
Of course you can. You can communicate with other participants in a closed group. Involve them in your projects or form cooperation teams.
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